Varsity Hockey – Frequently Asked Questions

Newbridge Academy is dedicated to assisting our student-athletes to reach their goals. Whether the students ambition is to reach post-secondary, national, international, or professional level, our staff is committed to developing a strong foundation which will be the springboard for future success. Student-athletes will be advised on the opportunities available beyond Newbridge Academy. Newbridge Academy uses sport to build a values based education. Values such as mutual respect, accountability, consistency, compassion, perseverance, and a sense of community are not just taught in the Academy’s sport programs — they are integral to the core values of everyday school life.

What are some of the key benefits of playing on a Varsity Hockey team?
There are many benefits including day-time practices, minimal evening training sessions, weekend base game schedule, organized transportation to and from events and a customized High School education program to support learning needs. Players receive extensive exposure to Junior ‘A’ Hockey, Major Junior and NCAA opportunities.

Other advantages include:

  • Increase in developmental on-ice practice time
  • Focused approach to off-ice training
  • Exposure to the level of hockey conducive to optimal player promotion
  • Tournaments are showcase events in nature – Focused on profiling players for all levels
  • Full integration of academics and athletics – NCAA recognized curriculum available to students online (currently being used by Major Junior players and nationally – ranked divers and figure skaters), teachers willing and able to work around training schedules, dedicated on-road study / school sessions overseen by academic advisor to the team (Newbridge Academy’s teachers)

Who will our varsity programs play?
Under the guides of Hockey Canada all of our programs will have the opportunity to play at all Hockey Canada and Hockey USA sanctioned events such as tournaments and exhibition games during the 2016/2017 season. U16 and U18 will participate in the Prep School Hockey Federation (PSHF –

Where will our programs travel?
Our programs will participate in events and exhibition games from Ontario East to the Atlantic Provinces and into the Eastern US. Travel may consist of departures on Wednesday and returns on Sunday.

When will the players train?
All programs will typically train on and off-ice during a student-athletes school day Monday to Friday. Varsity programs may have in their schedule Saturday or Sunday training days as well. This will provide the right balance with home and family life, versus evening or weekend practices.

How many games will teams play throughout the school year?
Varsity Programs have game goals for each program which will range between 40 to 55 games during the school year. Most of these games will take place in a multi-game format such as tournament and showcases. Some exhibition games will also be organized with other private and or Hockey Canada / Hockey USA programs closer to home.

Can we still play for my current team?
All student-athletes in our varsity hockey programs will be registered with Newbridge Academy within the Hockey Canada registry. This will be the only place in the Hockey Canada system that a player at Newbridge can participate.

Will the team train with the rest of the Newbridge Academy hockey students?
All teams within the varsity hockey program will train on and off-ice separately. This includes all skill sessions, team play and concepts sessions, team building, etc. Anything varsity is done as a program. There will be combined skill and concept sessions both on and off-ice over the course of the year within the teams of the varsity program, i.e. U16 and U18 teams on-ice skill development.

With so much travelling, how will the academic schedule be adjusted so student-athletes do not fall behind in their academic commitments?
All programs will be assigned an ‘academic advisor’ who will travel and work with students during all trips to ensure the work is covered and to ensure that the learning continues to occur. Our teachers are committed to a students growth and will make adjustments to the academic schedule to work with each team’s needs when travelling.

Are there billeting opportunities?
Newbridge Academy does offer a Home-Stay program. We match student-athletes with families within the community to provide a safe and reliable atmosphere for the duration of the student- athlete’s enrolment – likely other local varsity players and their families. Families are welcome tomake their own arrangements if interested.

Is there athletic therapy available to student-athletes?
Our staff are all Hockey Canada certified and have Hockey Canada Safety training. We also work with athletic therapy staff at the various events that we attend and work with KMF Athletic Therapy Services locally who can administer treatments at the school and at their local clinic.

What is the application process for the Varsity Program?
Newbridge Academy’s admission process for the Varsity Program:

  1. Letter of intent (signed by student, parent and representative of the school)
  2. School Application Form
  3. Transcript from previous school
  4. Personal essay
  5. Two letters of reference – (1) Academic and (1) Personal
  6. Academic evaluation (through Newbridge Academy)
  7. Interview with the Headmaster

Does Newbridge Academy offer any financial aid?
Financial assistance is available through ‘Apple Financial’ to meet the needs of some of our families. Apple Financial Services Inc. has been providing bursary and financial assistance analysis to private schools in Canada since 1993. The organization provides an analysis of the family’s financial ability to contribute towards educational expenses. Currently, Apple Financial provides this assessment service to families that are applying to, or in attendance at, more than 100 schools across Canada. Family’s apply to Newbridge Academy are evaluated on school reports, performance in an interview and references. We weigh quite heavily the overall contribution a student is likely to make to Newbridge Academy and the greater community. Please note that this is just to be considered for financial assistance. If assistance is granted, the amount is determined based solely on need. The award will be reassessed annually based on the family’s financial need as well as on the student’s performance both academically, a citizen of the Academy and the family’s overall support. See for more details.