Varsity Female Hockey Program

Unique Learning and Training Environment of Elite-Level Student-Athlete

Newbridge Varsity Female HockeyAs of April 2016, Newbridge Academy is now an accredited Hockey Canada Sports School which will allow our programs an opportunity to play in Hockey Canada and Hockey USA sanctioned events and exhibition games.

Goal of the Program
To create a unique learning and training environment of elite-level student-athlete who are looking to combine academics and athletics to pursue Canada Winter Games, Hockey Canada Female HP Stream and post-secondary opportunities in Canada (CIS) and the US (NCAA).

Staff will work as advisors to promote our players so they can have opportunities to advance their hockey and academics with:

  • Comprehensive scouting packages
  • Tours and presentation when and where opportunities are presented
  • Working with recruiters
  • Education on Junior Hockey, CIS and NCAA recruiting
  • Knowing the rules and regulations of recruitment and admissions
  • Prepare student-athletes for college / university entrance exams

School Experience

  • Focused student-athletes
  • A small school community leads to strong camaraderie and school spirit
  • Students focusing on developing leadership skills
  • Small class size
  • Online curriculum, personal iPads and an Academic Advisor while traveling
  • Professional Coaching
  • This is what we do – we are professional coaches.
  • Trained and Accredited Coach Staff to develop High Performance Players
  • Coached the game at a high level
  • Teach the game with passion
  • Network of coaches and administrators across Canada and the USA

Focused Approach

We will apply a building block approach:

  • Address and re-focus the fundamental skill base areas
  • Individual tactics (enhance and develop confidence)
  • Team tactics (development of the “ten foot” game)
  • Team play and systems (define and broaden)
  • Biomechanics and functional strength testing to develop individualized off ice and on ice training programs
  • Nutrition. Mental Prep, and Individual Player Management development.

Are there billeting opportunities?

Newbridge Academy does offer a Home-Stay program. We match student-athletes with families within the community to provide a safe and reliable atmosphere for the duration of the student-athletes enrolment – likely other local Varsity players and their families. Families are also welcome to make their own arrangements if interested.

What is the application process for the Varsity Program?

  • Newbridge Academy’s admission process for the Varsity Program:
  • Letter of Intent (signed by student, parent)
  • School Application Form
  • Transcript from previous school
  • Personal essay
  • Two letters of reference – Academic and Personal
  • Academic Evaluation (through Newbridge)
  • Interview with Headmaster

Does Newbridge Academy offer financial aid?

Financial assistance is available through Apple Financial to meet the needs of some our families. Apple Financial Services Inc. has been providing bursary and financial assistance analysis to contribute towards educational expenses. Currently, Apple Financial provides this assessment service to families that are applying to, or in attendance at, more than 100 schools across Canada.