Personal Leadership Course

WHAT: The Personal Leadership Course consists of 6 Modules over 16 hours of in class instruction. Course will be held in a classroom style but fun, light and structured.

COST: The course fee is $300.00 with portion of the proceeds to be donated to CMHA Dartmouth/ Halifax Branch.
Payment can be made by credit card or transfer by calling Newbridge Academy – Sign Up Here.

OVERVIEW: The course objectives are for the participant to learn about themselves, build confidence, dig in and remember who they really are and what they are capable of. There is individual work and some group work involved. Course will focus on aspects of health and building their core strength. It will show them how to work through obstacles and give them belief in themselves and how to continue to do that in life. Main message: They matter and can make a difference, and to have the courage to be themselves and to bring out their personal best. Sign Up Here.



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