Performing Arts Program

Newbridge Academy is excited to release the Performing Arts Program for the 2018/2019 academic school year. The program is designed for students to explore their artistic side and foster a love of performing arts through Dance, Theatre, and Music. Students develop their physical skills, while stimulating their imagination.

What to expect for the 2018/19 academic year:

Music – Joyful Sounds

  • Exploring Music
    Focus: Song writing, singing, instrument playing and moving
  • Rhythms & Melodies
    Focus: Learning to read, write and express themselves through music
  • Instruments
    Focus: Learn to play the ukulele and intro to piano skills

Theatre – Neptune Theatre

  • Storytelling
    Focus:Voice, physicality and imagination
  • Aesthetics
    Focus: Stage direction & focus, voice production, entrances & exits and blocking
  • Skits & Sketches
    Focus: Character design, props & costume, memorization, voice production & breath, use of set and theatrical elements   

Dance – Dance Nova Scotia

  • Jazz, Contemporary & Hip Hop
    Focus: Strength, flexibility, balance, rhythm, energy, musicality, creativity, friendships, team work, memory and confidence
  • Choreography 
    Focus: Exploring techniques and movements from different styles to perform on stage