Newbridge Spotlight: Paddy!Flynn – Director of Varsity Hockey Programs

Paddy Flynn

Paddy Flynn is the Director of Varsity Hockey Programs. He is responsible for overseeing our five varsity teams and working closely with our coaching staff to aid with technical support and recruiting. Additionally, Paddy helps out with the hockey development side of our programming and is part of the Administrative Staff at Newbridge Academy.

“I have been involved with hockey my entire life, and almost 30 years ago it became my source of employment. Before all of that, it was a passion of mine and still is now. After numerous years of touring for hockey, Newbridge Academy seemed like the best place to settle and continue to follow my passion for the game. Working at Newbridge is and has been the perfect situation for a person like myself as it has allowed me to work with others of like-mind in the development and continued growth of student-athletes. It is a privilege to continue having the opportunity to help in the growth of young people who are following their dreams of education and sport,” says Paddy about his work at Newbridge Academy.

Paddy has many strengths, including great communication skills and technical knowledge of hockey. He possesses the ability to effectively teach the finer and broader details of the game with strong leadership and motivation. Additionally, Paddy is sensitive to the needs of our student-athletes and our programming.

When asked about his techniques to motivate, Paddy said “through positive examples and messages; I talk to them in a way that they feel respected. I use my experience and stories of triumph to help them gain insight and react in a positive way, allowing for enjoyment and growth with their own experiences.”

Paddy FlynnPaddy has been inspired by many, notably his mother and father who gave him the opportunity to explore sport and music and put him in situations which allowed for great people to shape his life. He had a hockey coach from youth, Mr. Roddie Fraser (Bantam Hockey), in Port Hawkesbury, NS who taught him much about the game, enhancing his passion and igniting his entry into coaching.

“The knowledge that he has for the game continues to help me grow today. I visit with him still and enjoy long conversations when possible about life and hockey; he continues to shape how I see coaching. He would be among many who have shaped my thinking over the years, and still contributes to my knowledge as there is always so much more to learn.” said Paddy.

We at Newbridge Academy greatly appreciate Paddy and what he does on a daily basis, so we asked for testimonials from the Newbridge community – we were overwhelmed with the responses, here are just a few:

“This past academic year was our first at Newbridge Academy. We left an excellent private school environment to embark on a journey of promised excellence in learning and an opportunity to be part of the 1st elite female varsity hockey program. Our expectations were exceeded with a first-class academic experience that provided a stimulating learning environment, a female hockey program that pushed the players to achieve their full potential, surrounded by great friends and mentors on and off the ice. We are thrilled to be returning to Newbridge Academy for the 2017/2018 year in a state of the art school and athletic program.” – Alex, Claudine, and Sophia Rowe.

“This past year was my daughter’s first year at Newbridge.  Before she started, she was excited to be attending to be part of the inaugural female varsity hockey team.  I was excited she would be attending for the strong academics and small class sizes.  Well, after our first year at Newbridge has come to a close, I can say that both of our goals were met.  My daughter had a fabulous season of hockey and her skill development far exceeded any prior year.  The girls came together as teammates and as friends.  Academically,  Newbridge surprised us – with opportunities and challenges that brought a love of learning that had not existed at her prior school.  We are so excited for the new school facilities, with state of the art classrooms and training facilities, I expect the next year to be even better than the first!” – Allison Bodnar  

Paddy Flynn“We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to send our daughter to Newbridge.  The academic standard is exceptional. The teachers truly empower students to excel and set high goals for themselves. Our daughter was genuinely engaged in her learning and excited about attending class. Athletically, she grew tremendously both on and off the ice.  The coaching staff really took the time to get to know her as an athlete and customized her program to meet her needs. The head coach fosters the athlete as a whole: athletically, academically, and as a positive citizen. The connection and communication between teachers and coaches allows students to excel both in the classroom and on the ice. Newbridge is an extension of each student’s family. This family oriented approach gives them an added security and confidence to achieve excellence and embrace opportunities and challenges as they proceed through their academic and athletic career.” – Laurie Hayden

Thank you, Paddy, for all that you do for Newbridge Academy – both on and off the ice for the development of our student-athletes!