Newbridge Baseball Program

Newbridge Baseball Program

Overall Goal: The overall goal of the Newbridge Baseball program is to develop players to be the best version of themselves both on and off the field through the many challenges players will face during training and competition.

Elementary Baseball: The main focus of the elementary program is to introduce kids to the basic fundamentals of the game. There will be a general progression of drills teaching kids baseball movements without having to focus on throwing, catching or hitting. The program will also include a proper dynamic warm-up, throwing program and various drills focusing on all facets of the game. Skills will be tested through various games while learning how to move in an athletic manner.

Junior High Baseball: The Junior High program will vary for students based on skill level. Junior High students who exhibit more advanced skills along with the mental side of the game will have an opportunity to make our Varsity Ball Club. That said, all players will receive the same training and very similar to the High School Program, these players will receive more advanced development with a general progression. The intent of this program is to prep players to play Varsity Baseball. In the coming years this level will serve as our Junior Varsity team consisting of regular workouts and local competition, with an opportunity to travel with the Varsity team to take part in workouts, and play against other JV programs. The annual performance plan will consist of strength and conditioning in the fall/winter gradually implementing the technical side of the game leading into the new year. At the start of the new year the strength and conditioning will taper and the technical side will increase in preparation for the spring. The overall goal of this program is to ensure players have an in-depth understanding of the game and are able to apply the technical side in game situations leading into their summer season.

High School Program: Very similar to the Junior High program, this program is all about development with an opportunity to make the Varsity Baseball team. The annual performance plan for the High School program will be the same format as the Junior High program. At the end of the program players will have an in-depth understanding of the positions they play along with the various mental aspects of the game on top of increased development in their overall skill level. The ultimate goal is to prepare players to play Varsity Baseball on top of setting players up for success leading into their summer season.

Varsity Baseball: The Varsity Baseball team will consist of the best players in the baseball program along with active recruiting throughout the school year and the off-season. The team will consist of Junior High and High School students who have earned a spot on the club based on their skill level and ability to be a great teammate. In terms of development, the annual performance plan is the Junior High and High School model. With the varsity club, we will compete against schools throughout the US with the intent to play 15 to 20 games during our inaugural season. Workouts will be during regular school hours and may also take place in the evening as well as on weekends to ensure we are ready to compete.