Newbridge Spotlight: Katie Demontmorency – Elementary  Teacher

Katie Demontmorency is Newbridge Academy’s Grade 5 teacher and brings a passion for teaching to our school. This passion presents itself in everything she does in the classroom, with one of her greatest skills being the ability to create hands-on activities that complement all areas of the curriculum.

“Newbridge Academy’s philosophies align closely with my own. Their small class sizes allow for individualized learning and teaching. The daily addition of exercise enables students to be energized and ready to learn. Above all, I love that I have the ability to connect with my students and their families on personal levels which enhances my classroom community” says Katie about the school environment.

Katie was born and raised in Ontario, having completed her education there. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Trent University, majoring in both Anthropology and History, and completed the Trent-Queen’s Concurrent Education program. Through this program, Katie completed practicums and education courses throughout her undergrad, she then completed a full year Bachelor of Education at Queen’s University. After university she moved to Nova Scotia where she went into Adult Education for a year before joining the team at Newbridge Academy.

When asked about her students and motivating them, Katie commented: “I motivate my students through encouragement, engaging lessons, and goal setting. When learning is fun and engaging, students are more likely to thrive in their classroom environment. Through goal setting students become self-motivated and accountable. I love what I do and I believe that in itself is contagious.”

After the 2016-17 school year Ms. Demontmorency was awarded as the Newbridge Academy Teacher of the Year at our closing ceremonies. This signifies her important role at Newbridge, and we certainly thank her for all the hard work she puts into the school and especially the students she works with on a daily basis.