Frequently Asked Questions

Outlining Key Information

Frequently Asked Questions

On behalf of all teachers and administration at Newbridge Academy, we hope you’ve had a great summer so far. With just under three weeks until classes begin, the Newbridge Academy team is looking forward to the start of the academic year and welcoming both returning and new families to our community! In preparation for the year’s start, we have outlined key information below regarding our school uniforms, calendar and schedule, as well as other pertinent information to help prepare for the first day of school.

The academic calendar is now available online at: Here you can easily access all important dates for school events, holidays and examinations. We encourage all families to visit and bookmark our website as this is a key communication portal throughout the year. We have outlined some key date below for your reference:

  • September 5: First Day of Classes and Welcome Back BBQ from 2-4pm
  • Christmas Break: Last day before break: December 7th, First day back: January 2nd
  • Senior High Exam Week: January 28th – February 1st [mandatory student attendance]
  • March Break: Last day before break: March 15th, First day back: April 1st
  • Junior High Exam Week: June 10th-13th [mandatory student attendance]
  • Senior High Exam Week: June 19th-25th [mandatory student attendance]
  • Last Day of school JP-9: June 13th
  • Last Day of school 10-12: June 26th

Newbridge Families (official) Facebook Page

In addition to the school website, a great resource for families is having access to our school community via our Families Facebook page. To gain access, simply search for the group and request to be added, or follow this link:


All Newbridge Academy students will wear black bottoms, a charcoal grey performance polo and a choice of a black sweater as provided on our uniform provider’s website. All tops will be for sale exclusively on our customized school uniform website, set up through Entripy.

Bottoms will be solid black and can be purchased by families elsewhere. The bottoms must meet the following guidelines:

  • No jeans
  • No holes or rips
  • No stripes or patterns
  • No logo larger than the size of a golf ball

Bottoms supplied by the family, that follow the guidelines stated above, do not need a Newbridge crest. The Entripy website is You can stop by the school Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm to try on samples to ensure correct sizing.

Remember, it is mandatory that all students attending Newbridge Academy wear their uniform daily.

Daily Schedule:

The following information details the scheduled academic hours for elementary, junior high and senior high students. Please note that additional supervision is provided beyond these hours for our early morning and after school programming. A separate email is coming from Scott Dillman, our Director of Community Programs, and Melanie Skerry, the Director of After School Programs, regarding these programs. Stay tuned for news on this shortly!

Elementary: Junior Primary- Grade 6
Classes begin at 8:30am and dismissal is at 3pm.

Junior High: Grades 7-9
Classes begin at 8:30am and dismissal is at 3:30pm.

Senior High: Grades 10-12
Classes begin at 8:15am and dismissal is at 3:30pm.

School Supplies

Newbridge Academy is pleased to provide daily school supplies to its students. While these key resources offer the necessities for classroom learning, students are encouraged to come to school with additional items as well. Newbridge Academy recommends that students come prepared with their backpack, lunch, water bottle, snacks and indoor shoes. In addition to these items, teachers will cover a list of recommended supplies during the first week of classes.

Junior and Senior High students will be provided with a school iPad, and must purchase a case. Students should wait until the iPad is issued to them to confirm the version for case compatibility. It is also recommended that students in grade 7-12 purchase a binder to organize their academic resources and a lock for their locker.

Course Selection

For Senior High students needing to complete their course selection, please contact Emily Wheeler. She can be reached at or at 902-334-1933.

Lunch Program

We will continue to implement our online lunch programs, Healthy Hunger and The Lunch Lady, allowing students choice from different restaurants within the community. More information on how to order through both systems will be distributed in the upcoming weeks.

Financial or Accounting Questions

For questions about your account or invoice, please direct all inquiries to Angela Hubley. She can be reached at or by calling 902-252-3339.

I will continue to keep you informed of pertinent information both prior to the year’s start and throughout the year. If you have any further questions, please reach out to me at or call 902-252-3339.