Newbridge Spotlight: Emily Wheeler – Academic Counsellor

Emily has been a member of the Newbridge team for 3 years, teaching English at the junior high level. Her evident passionate and energetic approach in the classroom stemmed from her past experience teaching in England. She focuses on developing a holistic approach to education while challenging the independent thinker to move beyond the curriculum and discover real world connections through literature. Her innovative outlook provides students with the right tools in order to find success and reach their personal goals in the classroom.

We are very excited that Emily has recently begun her Master’s in Counselling at Acadia University. Emerging from this, Newbridge Academy is thrilled to announce that Emily will be moving into the role of Academic Counsellor and will be working as part of their administrative team to grow and guide our students to find further success in all aspects of their mental and academic health in the future.

Quotes from Students and Parents:

“Ms Wheeler has managed to simultaneously make English class more enjoyable and more challenging for me, neither of which I experienced before having her as my teacher. She is very concise with her teaching, yet always leaves students with the opportunity to interpret each lesson with a different perspective. Although I am going to miss having her as a teacher, the lessons she has taught me over the past two years have thoroughly prepared me for high school, post secondary school, and life.” – Ashley Neves, Student

“Since joining Newbridge Academy, I have noticed a significant enhancement in my daughters education, most notably in English. When reading some of the pieces Ashley has written, I see how Ms Wheeler has impacted Ashley’s growth in the ability to comprehend and discuss advanced literature. My daughter has always spoken highly of Ms Wheeler’s teaching methods, and it is a bittersweet moment for Ashley, as she is moving on to high school to a new English teacher.” – Charlene Neves, Mother of Ashley Neves

“Emily’s passion for teaching is evident. She is observant, encouraging and organized. She challenges the students while bringing out their very best attributes in the classroom which can transcend to their everyday lives. We have had the pleasure of “Emily teaching both of our daughters over the years and have witnessed their level of interest in her unique assignments and teaching approach. She is a definite asset to Newbridge Academy.” – Nicole & Dana Drake