Baseball Program

On and Off Field Sessions Coached By Professional Instructors

Newbridge Academy offers a comprehensive Baseball Program to student-athletes in grades seven through twelve. The first of its kind in Atlantic Canada, the Baseball program is designed to give aspiring student-athletes an opportunity for daily player development integrated into their weekly academic schedule. Student-athletes also receive physiological proficiencies to achieve elite status, while enrolled in a leading-edge academic program. An experienced and highly esteemed coaching staff brings years of baseball knowledge and experience to the program. Watch Newbridge Academy Interview with Katie Hagen

Student-athletes have access to a state of the art facilities and equipment that provide the necessary training to increase players’ skills to the highest caliber. Student-athletes have the opportunity to enhance player development, achieve maximum-stage development outlined by Baseball Canada’s Long Term Player Development Guide, and to prepare students, academically and athletically, to use baseball as a vehicle for future opportunities in post-secondary education and beyond. Congrats to Katie Hagen on her Silver!


  • Baseball 101 – training creating “smart” athletes
  • LTAD – Baseball Specific Training based upon Baseball Canada’s Long Term Athletic

Development Model

  • Established warm-up and cool down routines
  • Isolation of major skill areas with focused concentration on the techniques and mechanics of these skills: Hitting, In-Fielding, Out-Fielding, Catching, Pitching, Base Running, & Offensive and Defensive Strategies
  • Video analysis and review
  • Periodic athletic assessments and report card

Program Delivery

  • 3 Days per week of on-field training conducted by Baseball Canada
  • Certified Coaches with a wealth of coaching and playing experience.
  • 2 Days per week of baseball specific conditioning by certified trainer (focused on the seven key physiological proficiencies – balance, flexibility, posture, core stability / strength, cardio endurance, nutrition and performance skills).
  • Includes indoor and outdoor training.