Newbridge Spotlight: Alex MacDonald – High School Teacher

This year we welcome High School Science Teacher, Alex MacDonald, to Newbridge Academy!

Alex MacDonald

Alex graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science from Mount Allison University, attaining an honours in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. He then continued his studies at Dalhousie University, where he graduated with a Master of Science in Medical Physics.  A graduate of Mount Saint Vincent’s education program, Alex is thrilled to transfer his passion for science onto his students as he embarks on his position in the Senior High Science department.

Having completed two theses, and working in the scientific community, Alex has an understanding of what it means to ‘do’ science at an academic and professional level. “I try to create an atmosphere of trust by developing a relationship with my students that demonstrates my intentions are authentic.  I also try to ground my lessons in real life whenever possible, having demonstrations or experiments allow my students to experience phenomena, not just read about them,” says Alex.

Having been a student-athlete for all of his schooling and post-secondary education, as well as currently training and competing athletically, Alex understands the challenges that Newbridge Academy student-athletes face, and will be using his experience to help them take on these challenges.

“I currently teach and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) at Fitplus Martial Arts. I recently was promoted to the rank of brown belt, after 5 years of training. I’ve dedicated myself and sacrificed a lot to develop my grappling skills to where they are now, and plan to continue to train for the rest of my life.”

We welcome Alex and all of his experience to Newbridge Academy – we know the students look forward to an awesome year with you!