Tuition Fees for the 2019/2020 academic year are as follows:

Tuition Fees (Including Program Fees)
Junior Primary to Grade 2 $9,000
Grades 3 to 12 $11,000

*These amounts may be subject to further charges, fees, discounts or bursaries.
**Additional charges may apply for the Golf Program.

Newbridge Academy Advancement Fund (NAAF)
All new and returning students in Grades Primary through to Twelve incur an additional $1,250 fee per student. This is to help provide brand new state-of-the-art facilities designed for academic and athletic excellence. The amount of the NAAF will be reviewed annually and may be subject to change based on such review. Contributions to the NAAF are due on or before August 1st, 2018. Newbridge is happy to have been able to reduce the NAAF by $250 for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Enrollment Bond
As part of the enrollment at Newbridge Academy, students entering Grades Primary through to Twelve, are required to pay an Enrollment Bond in the amount of $2,500.00. This Enrolment Bond is a non-interest bearing, one-time payment for enrollment into Newbridge Academy. The Enrolment Bond is due on or before August 1 of the student’s first academic year. The Enrollment Bond may be refunded following the student’s graduation from grade six, nine, or twelve, provided the the student is is not returning to Newbridge Academy for the following academic year.

Tuition Insurance Program
Each student attending Newbridge Academy is required to participate in the Tuition Insurance Program. The premium rate for the Tuition Insurance Program for 2018/2019 will be 0.84% of the student’s tuition amount noted above plus all applicable sale taxes.

Non-Refundable Deposits:
$500 for Junior Primary
$1,000 for Grades Primary to Twelve (maximum number of deposits required is 2 per family). Deposits for next academic year are due February 1st. For those that enrol after February 1st, deposits are due within six business days from the date of the Acceptance Letter.

Additional Fees
● Uniforms (Approximately $400-$600)*
● After School Program ($2,000/year due September 15) per family. Alternatively, $20/day.

Payment Plan Options
Option #1: 60% due August 1st and 40% due January 1st

Option #2: 10 payments, due August 1st to May 1st

Please note Option #2 includes a 10% financing fee for students in Primary to Grade 12. Payments that are due during the school year require post-dated cheques or pre-authorized credit card.

The Enrollment Bond and the NAAF are due in full on or before August 1st.
An interest rate of 1.5% will be charged the first day of every month to any outstanding accounts including those where post dated cheques do not clear. All returned cheques will be charged an additional fee of $50.00.

Early Payment Discount
Early payment discount of 10% on tuition is available if tuition fees and the NAAF for the upcoming academic year are fully paid no later than April 1 (or 5% if paid between April 2-April 30) of the preceding year.

Sibling Discount
Families are eligible for a tuition discount, net of any other discount, for each additional child registered; 10% for the second child and subsequent children.

Financial Assistance
Families in need of financial assistance, must apply for an independent assessment through Apple Financial Services. Apple Financial Services have been providing bursary and financial assistance analysis to private schools in Canada since 1993. Apple Financial provides Newbridge Academy with an analysis on what the family can afford. As Newbridge Academy funds the bursaries directly, we reserve the right for final say in the bursary amount. To begin the application process go to